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Treatment Methods For Alcohol Disorder

There are different types of treatments for people suffering from alcohol addiction or a disorder related to it’s use. The methods applied depend on each person’s needs. The treatment options available include group or individual counselling, brief intervention, outpatient programs and residential inpatient stays.

The main objective of these treatments is improving the quality of life or stopping the use of alcohol. The following are some effective treatment methods for alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder.

Detoxification and withdrawal

This treatment method begins with a detox or detoxification program. This is followed by withdrawal which is medically managed and takes about one week. Sedating medications are then taken to prevent the symptoms associated with withdrawal. The detoxification program is conducted in an inpatient hospital or center.

Establish a treatment plan and learning skills

This is executed by the alcohol treatment specialists. It includes the setting of goals, behavior change techniques, counseling, using manuals and follow- up care which is done at the treatment center.

Psychological counseling

This involves conducting therapy and counseling sessions for individual and groups. These sessions are aimed at helping the alcoholics to understand the problems associated with alcohol abuse. You can also benefit from family or couples therapy. The support offered by your family is crucial during the recovery process.

Injected medication

Naltrexone drug is injected to the affected individual on a monthly basis by a medical professional. This medication can also be taken in the form of a pill, but the injectable version is considered to be more effective and easier for the individuals recovering from this disorder.This medication should be administered consistently to increase its effectiveness.

Continuing support

Both support groups and after care programs are very helpful for the individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. This might include both psychological and medical care. Someone can also attend a support group. All these programs help them in managing relapses and to stop drinking.

Treating the heath conditions

There are many health problems which are associated with excessive alcohol intake. Some of these problems can improve significantly after stopping drinking. However, there are some health conditions which might require continued follow-up and treatment.

Treating psychological problems

There are some mental health problems which are associated with alcohol use disorder. You should talk to a health care professional if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other mental condition including stress.…