• Copper is among the essential trace minerals.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

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Fish oil is extracted from the fish. It is one of the best dietary supplement with many benefits in the body. Oily fish include mackerel, tuna, herring, and anchovies. Fish oil can also be produced from the livers of some other types of fish. Fish oil is rich in nutrients called omega-3 fatty acids that are significant to human health.

Taking much oily fish will help you in acquiring enough fatty acids. If you want to get enough fatty acids in your body, it is recommended to eat at least one or two portions of fish in a week. The omega-3 fatty acids will be enough to fight various diseases among other health benefits. Below are the main health benefits of fish oil.

Good for Heart Health

heartA current record from health care researchers shows that heart diseases are the major killer diseases. People who eat fish are less prone to risks of heart diseases. Even though there are factors that contribute to heart diseases, lack of fish oil appears to one of the significant risk factors.

Taking enough fish oil helps the heart health by increasing the level of HDL which is the good cholesterol and reduce the LDL, the bad cholesterol. It also helps reduce blood pressure for those with high pressure. Additionally, fish oil helps the heart by lowering the triglycerides by 30%. However, there is no a clear evidence of preventing stroke and heart attacks.

Treating Certain Mental Disorders

The human brain is made up of fats by about 60%, and this percentage has omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, this proofs that omega-3 fatty acids are vital in maintaining the brain in the normal state and functioning. According to research, people with some mental disorders have a low level of omega-3 fatty acids.

The fish oil supplements can significantly prevent the symptoms of some mental problems. For instance, fish oil can prevent the risk of psychotic, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

Reduce Weight and Waist Circumference

When a person has a body mass that is greater than 30, he is considered to suffer from obesity. About 39%of people in the world are overweight while another 14% are obese. Obese can increase the risk of other diseases significantly unless it is treated earlier.

Fish oil supplements can be used to reduce obesity and overweight. When the supplement s combined with diet and exercise, it can significantly help to lose weight and reduce the waist circumference.

Support Eye Health and Protect Vision in Old Age

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Just like the brain, the omega-3 is an ideal part of the structure of the eye. People who are not taking enough quantity of omega-3 fats have a high risk of poor vision and eye-related diseases. The vision of the eye also begins to reduce in old age, eating much oily fish will help prevent age-related macular degeneration even though the supplement is less convincing. You need to take a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids in four months to improve vision in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients.…

Efficient over-the-counter acne treatments

Acne is a common skin condition among teenagers and adults especially women. Acne is mostly caused by hormonal shifts such as those that occur during puberty, in pregnancy or before getting menstrual periods. These shifts in hormonal balance lead to an over-production of cells and oil in skin follicle. The follicles then protrude on the surface of the skin as acne and pimples.

While most people experience occasional acne breakouts, others suffer from ongoing chronic acne problems. There are several over-the-counter acne treatments that are known to be very efficient. These treatments include:

Benzoyl Peroxide

When it comes to acne treatment, Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most popular option. It works by unclogging the pores and getting rid the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. There are various brands that you can utilize, but make sure that you get one that is legit.



Sulfur is one of the most reliable and safest acne treatments that works very fast and has no side-effects. For centuries, sulfur has been used for treating acne especially because it works perfectly for both whitehead and blackhead pimples. This is because it is able to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms in the pimples thereby removing acne permanently. It is necessary to be cautious when using sulfur to treat acne as it should not be ingested or used on open wounds. It also causes severe irritation in the eyes.

Salicylic Acid

Just like Azelaic acid, Salicylic acid is quite a useful remedy for removing acne. This acid breaks down whitehead and blackhead pimples thereby slowing down their growth and spread. What is more unique about this acid is that it reduces inflammation and swelling caused by acne. The acid causes the epidermis skin layer to shed off skin easily and prevents the blocking of skin pores. This in turn helps in allowing the regeneration of new skin cells and prevents breakout of acne.


Resorcinol is a crystalline organic phenol that is very efficient in breaking down whiteheads and blackheads as well as other types of pimples and skin rashes. This phenol is also used in treating other conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

What not to do when you have acne

hdshjd74Acne and other skin conditions are worsened by lack of proper care and attention. For starters, when you are suffering from acne, it is necessary that you do not touch the pimples with your bare hands. This is because you can easily introduce germs on the pimples thus making them more severe. You should always wash your hands with soap and antiseptic treated water before touching the pimples. If the pimples occur in other parts of the body apart from the skin, ensure that you wear loose clothing. This provides the pimples with a chance to breathe and heal faster.

For acne treatments to work best, it is necessary to ensure that you practice good hygiene by ensuring that the face or other affected body parts are clean and well aerate at all times. Avoid using make-up on acne pimples as this only worsens the condition.…

Minerals And Vitamins For Hair Growth

Many people dream of having long hair, but the process of achieving it is not easy. Most people especially women makes an effort of maintaining and protecting their hair from damage by having countless salon treatments. These people end up spending a lot of time by visiting the hairdresser. The process of maintaining your hair requires patience.

Healthy hair signifies good health. It is achieved by taking the required amount of fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, water, and proteins. The essential nutrients needed for hair growth are vitamins, minerals, and proteins and the availability of these nutrients ensures the fast growth of your hair. Below are the essential vitamins needed for hair growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is required for the proper growth of the cells. This has a direct influence on the growth of your hair. Vitamins are required in the production of the essential oils (sebum) on the scalp. These oils help the hair to become shiny and healthy. Vitamins contain powerful antioxidants which are used in moisturizing the scalp as well as preventing the drying out of your hair. They also play a significant role in thickening and strengthening of the hair. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, milk, egg yolk, sweet potatoes, mangoes, dried apricots, and liver.

Biotin-Vitamin B71

This vitamin belongs to the family of vitamin B and plays an essential role in the growth of the hair cells. It is mainly used in repairing brittle hair as well as improving the texture and health of your hair. This vitamin is also known for improving the volume and thickness of your hair by helping the body in producing fatty acids which facilitate the growth of hair cells. Biotin works together with other fats and amino acids. Some of the foods rich in vitamins include walnuts, bananas, yeast, avocados, salmon, eggs, almonds, e.t.c

Vitamin C

This is also a vitamin which helps with growth, preventing premature graying and drying of hair.The body also needs vitamin C to produce collagen which is a protein required for the growth and thickness of your hair. This vitamin can be obtained from food and supplements.Foods rich in vitamin C include grapefruits, mandarin, lemon, guava, and strawberries.


Vitamin B12

This is a hair regrowth vitamin. It helps in cell division and the growth of cells. These processes are necessary for the growth of healthy hair. Deficiency of vitamin B12 results in a slow growth rate of hair cells and causes hair loss. Vitamin B12 is also useful in facilitating the absorption and utilization of iron by the body.

Treatment Methods For Alcohol Disorder

There are different types of treatments for people suffering from alcohol addiction or a disorder related to it’s use. The methods applied depend on each person’s needs. The treatment options available include group or individual counselling, brief intervention, outpatient programs and residential inpatient stays.

The main objective of these treatments is improving the quality of life or stopping the use of alcohol. The following are some effective treatment methods for alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder.

Detoxification and withdrawal

This treatment method begins with a detox or detoxification program. This is followed by withdrawal which is medically managed and takes about one week. Sedating medications are then taken to prevent the symptoms associated with withdrawal. The detoxification program is conducted in an inpatient hospital or center.

Establish a treatment plan and learning skills

This is executed by the alcohol treatment specialists. It includes the setting of goals, behavior change techniques, counseling, using manuals and follow- up care which is done at the treatment center.

Psychological counseling

This involves conducting therapy and counseling sessions for individual and groups. These sessions are aimed at helping the alcoholics to understand the problems associated with alcohol abuse. You can also benefit from family or couples therapy. The support offered by your family is crucial during the recovery process.

Injected medication

Naltrexone drug is injected to the affected individual on a monthly basis by a medical professional. This medication can also be taken in the form of a pill, but the injectable version is considered to be more effective and easier for the individuals recovering from this disorder.This medication should be administered consistently to increase its effectiveness.

Continuing support

Both support groups and after care programs are very helpful for the individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. This might include both psychological and medical care. Someone can also attend a support group. All these programs help them in managing relapses and to stop drinking.

Treating the heath conditions

There are many health problems which are associated with excessive alcohol intake. Some of these problems can improve significantly after stopping drinking. However, there are some health conditions which might require continued follow-up and treatment.

Treating psychological problems

There are some mental health problems which are associated with alcohol use disorder. You should talk to a health care professional if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other mental condition including stress.…